Positive Foundations...A place to start.

So here goes my first foray into the world of websites. Let me start by saying that I am not the world's best speech pathologist. I'm good, but as I often tell the families I work with, my magic wand and crystal ball are not currently functioning. I am sure there are some better therapists out there---therapists whose magic wands and crystal balls are always functional. But, in the past 16 years, I have learned a tremendous amount about communication, swallowing, feeding, personalities, developmental skills and families that I want to share with others.

My hope is that this site will be a way for caregivers and parents to have access to a speech therapist to find some useful activities and at least have a place to ask questions.

Legal disclaimer time. People, please, do I really need to say this? Ok, I will, just in case. THIS IS A BLOG!!! It does not take the place of seeing and working with a real-live speech therapist. I cannot treat your child. Concerns about how your child speaks, eats, drinks, and even behaves should always be addressed with your pediatrician. You can however see what my opinion is regarding general, fun speech activities that may or may not apply to your child. Please use your common sense. And finally, this is not associated in any way with the company and truly wonderful people I work for.

Since healthcare and the economy are chipping away at the very foundations that will build a strong future for our children and your families, let's try to build some Positive Foundations. (Thank you, Seester for letting me borrow the cool name.)


  1. I hope the judges will force AZ State Government to maintain the early intervention services they currently provide. Those children deserve all the help available.

  2. Yeah for starting a blog! I'll be cyber stalking you now...ooh!