10 Minute Tip--Getting Dressed

Getting dressed is a great time to work on communication and physical skills. If your time is limited, pick out two or three outfit choices the night before after your little one is asleep. Put them out so that you can both look for them in the morning. (Sometimes it is great fun to see what the Clothes Fairy left out for you to chose from!) Talk about the clothing item pieces as you are making choices and putting them on. For example..."Do you want the red shirt with the big bear or the blue shirt with the silly fish?" Even little ones can point to their choice. If they don't want to choose, you can keep things moving with something as simple as, "Choosing can be hard, how 'bout if I help you? If you pick before me, then I'll know what you want to wear. Here I go, I'm picking now!" If you have extra time, you can be silly and pretend you don't know where the clothing items go. "Oh no! Shoes don't go on your hands! Where do they go?" Talk about the body parts that use each clothing item. "Feet get socks. Let's cover those toes! Where are your toes? Can you wiggle them?"

Help your kiddos to sit up or stand as independently as possible while dressing. Let your kiddos try to put their arms through sleeves or legs into pants or shorts with as little help as possible. Show them the tricks for finding those holes to fill. Stretch with arms and legs, ask them to help straighten sleeves and hems. Buttons, snaps and velcro offer a chance to work together on some fine motor skills.

Have fun!

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